Transcription of ancient manuscripts


Do have trouble deciphering old letters your ancestors left behind? Do you require assistance in the analysis of textual content, or wish to bring order into your family archive? I would be happy to provide help. You can contact me, no matter whether in a private capacity, as a notary or a public institution. I generally deal with documents and manuscripts in German, English and Latin, dating from the 14th Century onward. The volume is not an issue; I work with individual autographs as well as entire inheritances or collections. The subtopic transcriptions lists the various fonts and typefaces I am familiar with, as well as providing further details.

Should you have doubts in regard to the authenticity of individual documents, or be in need of context and background information, I am happy to offer a review / analysis of the document in question. This includes, amongst other things, research in regard to the textual content, the provenance of the paper by determining the paper manufacturer, etc.

Prices and services provide you with a quick overview. There, you will find a list of services and corresponding prices, and much more.

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